18 years ago while Scott and I left a happy hour, to catch another one that started 30 minutes later, we serendipitously stumbled upon the idea to try and go to happy hour all day long.  It was one of those great ideas that seem to bubble to the surface of your consciousness after one too many drinks.  One that had to be put in to action or writing soon or it would be forgotten forever.  We knew it would take some planning; we knew it was worth the effort.  But, where do we go? What day should this wonderful new holiday fall on?  As for the where, we had a good start with the Wonder Bar (Happy Hour begins at 8 am).  As for what day, why not the day after Thanksgiving?  Everyone is back in town, no one has anything to do, and bars still have happy hour because it is a weekday.  So it began.  And, so it continues . . .

Here’s to feeling good all the time!

-Dom Sinnott


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